TheBrunoSound’s repertoire has been influenced by such notable musicians as Carlos Santana, Baden Powell, Tim Mahoney and Mike Einziger, but it also goes beyond that to truly display Bruno’s growth as both a songwriter and guitarist. With a plethora of other talented backing musicians accompanying Bruno, the final sound demonstrated throughout his self-titled debut album is one of richness and depth. TheBrunoSound’s live shows will also be sure to please, as Bruno is determined to take his fans along with him on his musical voyage, sharing with audiences the energy and passion with which he lives his life – both on stage and off.

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My Story

Ashburn, VA, United States

With songs ranging in genre from anthem-esque ballads to danceable rock-reggae to straight up rock and roll, it’s no wonder Bruno de Lima-Campos finds it hard to pinpoint his music to one particular category. Having begun at age 11 with classical and flamenco lessons and gradually applying his teachings to the electric and steel string acoustic guitar, Bruno’s unique stylings truly have a sound all their own. After stints as a lead guitarist and songwriter for many acclaimed bands (most notably Crowded Streets, a Dave Matthews tribute band), Bruno decided it was time to give his fans a bigger taste of his personal musical journey, and thus, TheBrunoSound was born.